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24 h City Bike Traffic in Helsinki

The following video shows 24 h city bike traffic in Helsinki on Sunday June 30, 2019. Data is provided by Digitransit open data by HSL.

Each circle on the map represents a city bike station. The larger the circle, the more bikes are available at the bike station. The data shows typical bike traffic on Sunday in June. The day was sunny, so there was a lot of bike traffic.



When looking at the upper right corner close to Suvilahti (Verkkosaari on the video), the traffic increases considerably in the afternoon around 2 PM. People are cycling towards Suvilahti to attend Tuska music festival. The bikes disappear after the concerts are over.

This is a good example how easy access to city bikes help concert attendees. The event venue is located near transportation hub and bike docks are located near by.

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